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Commercial vehicle braking system case

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Commercial vehicle braking system case

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In the early 1990s, the domestic commercial vehicle market began to develop. FAW, FAW and sinotruk launched the latest generation of commercial vehicle chassis in China. Ruili group seized the opportunity and took the lead in the localization research and development of the air braking system of the new generation of commercial vehicles. Coincidentally, our company is also developing a series of brake spring products supporting it, Relying on strong technical reserves and sophisticated manufacturing equipment, our company has continuously studied and explored, overcome difficulties, successfully completed the localization development with Ruili group, and the quality and performance completely compete with similar foreign products.

Today, Ruili group's commercial vehicle air braking system products are the largest in Asia and the second in the world. The products have won many honors in the domestic and international market. Our company's air braking series springs have also successfully served more than 30 domestic automobile manufacturers such as China FAW Group, Dongfeng Group and SAIC Group, as well as Europe The American and Japanese car departments provide maintenance services, and gradually enter the global auto parts procurement system, and provide product supporting services for the buses of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the military vehicles for the 60th anniversary of the National Day parade, the new energy buses of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and the Guangzhou Asian Games, and the military parade for the 90th anniversary of the founding of the army.

In the process of continuous development in the future, our company will continue to cooperate closely with Ruili group, continue to develop and innovate, and produce more high-quality and reliable air brake springs, so as to make a modest contribution to China's national automobile industry.

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