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Classic case of automobile suspension spring

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Classic case of automobile suspension spring

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Since the establishment of Zhongtai automobile SR9 project in 2014, as a supplier in Zhongtai system, our company has been actively following up and docking related work. At the beginning of the commercial quotation stage in December, our company dispatched relevant personnel of manufacturing, finance and other cost accounting to carefully calculate the cost of products, combined with the market positioning of products, based on the product positioning of high quality and medium price, and adhering to the concept of sustainable development in the same boat as Zhongtai. After several peer suppliers and several rounds of business negotiations, covering technology, quality, delivery and other matters, our company was honored to be selected as the point a development supplier of Zhongtai B12 rear coil spring in February 2015. On this basis, our company has established a project development team, which is responsible for technology, quality, procurement, production, delivery and sales. Since March 2015, the Technology Department of our company has been actively involved in the design of early-stage products. Based on the relevant parameters provided by Hangzhou Zhongtai Research Institute and combined with our experience, we have roughly framed the scope of a product. In the middle, after rounds of sample delivery and calibration, the relevant parameters of the product were constantly modified and improved, and finally the product basically began to be finalized in August 2015. This result is the crystallization of joint efforts with the strong support of Technology Department, procurement department, production department and logistics department. After the product is basically finalized, in the next step, our company starts the product performance test stage according to the requirements of Zhongtai's instructions. We first verify the basic performance of the product, including durability and salt spray, and then leave the factory. Zhongtai starts bench and road test. Since the day when the product leaves the factory, our company has actively followed up each node of the product, timely understood the product status, responded to the requirements of Zhongtai in a fast time, and provided considerate service to Zhongtai. Finally, we successfully passed the three rounds of road test, and the product was frozen and determined. The whole process of the project is a systematic process and the result of everyone's joint efforts. Only with the strong cooperation of the team can we really do a good job.

As a professional supplier of suspension springs for self owned brands, we have won the trust of many self owned brand automobile OEMs with our professional R & D strength, high cost performance and rigorous working attitude. As of August 2017, the number of self owned brand models in batch has reached 33, including Zhongtai T600, Zhongtai T700, daimai X5 and BAIC Weiwang, Lifan xuanlang, SVW X7 and other models have established long-term partnership with SAIC GM Wuling, China FAW, Geely, Chery, BAIC new energy, Jiangling new energy, reading automobile and other main engine plants.

We will, as always, work with China's own brand auto enterprises to contribute our strength to the rise of the world.

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