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Zhejiang Jinchang Spring Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of Xi Shi, the national excellent tourist city --- Zhuji City West Industrial Zone (Company Address: West Industrial Zone Wang Yun West Road on the 8th). Here the mountains and rivers show, beautiful and rich, convenient transportation connections, Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway and Hangzhou to Jinhua, Wenzhou highway through the territory...

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Clockwork spring

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Compression spring

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Drum-shaped spring

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Brake spring

Spring two forming process 2020-04-24 15:47:00
(1) spring cold forming process 1) cold forming process one-time automation capabilities. Cold forming machine has been developed to 12 claws. In the range of (0.3 ~ 14) mm, the wire is basically formed at the time of 8 claw forming. The current direction of the development of process equipment:     ① to improve the forming speed, the main trend is to improve the equipment forming speed, that is, production efficiency;     ② by improving the precision of equipment parts and strengthen the heat treatment effect to improve equipment durability;     ③ increase the length of the sensor and laser range finder, CNC machine to the automatic closed-loop control manufacturing process. 2) cold forming process range capacity. The current large diameter spring coil spring machine, the maximum specifications up to 20mm, 2000MPa, spiral than 5. Minic-Block spring and eccentric spring cold forming process is still limited. (2) spring thermoforming process 1) Hot forming process speed capability. At present, China's (9 ~ 25) mm specifications on the formation of only CNC2 axis hot coil spring machine, the maximum speed of 17 per minute. And the developed countries compared to the larger gap. 2) large spring thermoforming process control capability. Because only CNC2 axis hot coil spring machine, so the shape control less three directions, the accuracy is poor; and no automatic bar rotation control and adjustment mechanism, so the hot coil spring forming process level and ability is low. So the accuracy of the spring level and surface oxidation decarburization level is also low.
Disc spring black processing technology 2020-04-24 15:45:00
Spring black process Alkaline chemical oxidation treatment is black, is the processing of qualified spring into the concentrated alkali solution containing heat treatment, the spring surface to obtain a layer of meager dense oxide film, the oxide film has anti-corrosion effect.      Spring in the heated solution, due to alkali corrosion of the surface of the spring, resulting in iron ions (ferrous compounds) in the alkali by adding oxidant - sodium nitrite can make the oxidation process is changed in the spring surface to produce dense oxide film Iron oxide). This oxide film is mainly composed of magnetic iron oxide, oxide film generation time of 30 to 60 minutes. If the time and then extended, can not improve the thickness of the oxide film. 1, the process: To the oil - (to copper) - pickling - cleaning - oxidation (or secondary oxidation) - cleaning - hot water cleaning - saponification - immersion film device oil change - storage. 2, the process requirements (1) to the oil      1. Chemical to the oil NaoH100 ~ 150 g / l + Na2CO320-27 g / l heated to the boiling point of the barrel by adding a small amount of waste acid and iron quiet     2. Wash oil with gasoline or diesel.     3. Remove the oil and rust with sandblasting or shot peening     4. Quenching and tempering the spring can be used to oil and rust barrels (2) to copper     With chromic acid 250 ~ 300 g / l + ammonium sulfate 80 ~ 100 g / l without copper can save this process Add water for 1 to 2 minutes, and then rinse in water (3) pickling With 30% of industrial hydrochloric acid dip 1 to 2 minutes to remove oil and rust pickling time can not be too long (4) cleaning, cleaning in the weak base tank and to prevent the acid into the oxidation tank (5) oxidation Sodium hydroxide 650 to 700 g / l + sodium nitrite 100 to 150 g / l Heating to 140 to 144 ° C for 30 to 60 minutes NaOH: NaNO2 = 5 to 8: 1 (6) cleaning, after oxidation in the flow of water rinse (7) hot water cleaning, hot water 90 ~ 100 ℃, cleaning 1 to 2 minutes (8) saponification     10 ~ 20% industrial soap or triethanol soap heated 50 ~ 60 ℃ 1 ~ 2 minutes, the temperature can not be too high (9) oil, immersion MS-1 water film replacement rust-proof oil (10) storage Black procedure operation procedure    (1) daily after the start of the power supply will be heated to the boiling point of the bath, Pa to the tank in the iron oxide (sediment);    (2) Pa to the precipitate after adding about 0.5kg of yellow blood salt (potassium ferrocyanide)    (3) according to the black technology requirements to join a certain amount of sodium nitrite (in line with 5 ~ 8: 1);    (4) with a thermometer to measure the black bath humidity, to ensure that the bath temperature 140 ~ 144 ℃, if the temperature is too high to add water, and control the heating power;    (5) before the black, the spring must be fully pickled and cleaned, the tension spring must be vertical frame, easy to clean;    (6) black must be strictly enforced technical requirements, the liquid surface of the slag to be caught in time, the tank should be added in time;    (7) after the black spring to be washed by high pressure water, washed by boiling water, saponification temperature control in the 50 ~ 60 ℃;    (8) spring by leaking off the amount of oil after the frame, storage. Pour the spring of the iron frame to be washed by high pressure water and then re-use;    (9) to get off work, add a certain amount of sodium hydroxide in the oxidation tank (in line with 5 ~ 8: 1), turn off the power, clean up, clean the workplace, keep the venue clean.
Quality requirements for wire rods for vehicle suspension springs 2020-04-24 15:43:00
Car suspension spring with steel on the purity of steel, dimensional accuracy, surface quality has strict requirements. Practice has proved that the diameter of the wire diameter to reduce the drawing die wear, reduce energy consumption, reduce broken wire, to ensure the stability of drawing is of great significance. The diameter tolerance of the wire for the suspension spring is controlled at ± 0.2 mm and the ellipticity is not greater than 60% of the diameter tolerance. Wire surface cracks, folding, scratches and other defects seriously affect the quality of the wire, reducing the fatigue life of the suspension spring. Wire surface should be smooth, no cracks, folding, scarring, ears and so on. Local bumps, pits, hemp and other defects in the size of not more than 0.10mm. The mechanical properties of the wire are better and the fluctuation is small. The tensile strength fluctuation of the wire rod is less than or equal to 40MPa, the shrinkage of the section is less than or equal to 15%, the volume fraction of sorbite is ≥85%, the free ferrite has a great influence on the fatigue life, the volume fraction should be controlled within 1.5% Degree of 8 or more, no martensite. Inclusions as a fatigue crack source will lead to fatigue crack expansion, and ultimately lead to spring breakage, it caused the spring failure has become one of the main reasons for spring damage. Especially in the high-pressure stress conditions used under the spring, the fatigue limit and hardness is no longer a linear relationship between the material hardness HV value of more than 400 after the micro-inclusions will become a fatigue crack source, the material fatigue limit decreased Automotive suspension springs are usually used at HV values ​​of 430 to 535, requiring no brittle inclusions greater than 15 μm. Surface decarburization can cause the surface hardness to decrease, easy to form in the process of surface fatigue crack source, the suspension spring fatigue life has an important impact. It is required that the total decarburization layer on the wire surface is not more than 1% of the nominal diameter of the wire and avoid the whole decarburization. Carbon content fluctuations, will cause mechanical properties of fluctuations: carbon content and tensile strength is positively correlated with the negative shrinkage of the cross-section, reduce carbon content can reduce decarburization, improve the formability and anti-buckling. The fluctuation range of carbon mass fraction should be less than 0.03%. Silicon element has a high solid solution strengthening effect, to improve the anti-buck life advantage, high silicon content is easy to form silicate inclusions and produce decarburization tendency. Manganese can enhance the strength and hardenability of the spring, but also increases the overheating sensitivity of the steel and temper brittleness. Such as high quality 55SiCr, the silicon mass fraction is generally 1.33% ~ 1.45%, manganese mass fraction of 0.67% ~ 0.69%. Sulfur and phosphorus content should be strictly controlled, high-quality suspension spring products require sulfur and phosphorus mass fraction of less than 0.01% and 0.015%, oxygen mass fraction ≤ 15 × 10, nitrogen mass fraction ≤ 35 × 10. Through the understanding of the product, you can also know the spring manufacturers in the manufacture of various springs such as bending the spring process is strictly required, not to reach the product of the spring demand.


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